Material  safety Data Sheet -  Electrolyte Fox-301


I. Product & manufacture information
  Product name : Electrolysis exfoliation
  Serial number : FOX-301
  Manufacture/supplier : Foxsign Tech. Ltd. Co.
  Registration number : 868-10649
  Address : No. 500-1, Sec. 2, Jinling ,
      Rd., Pingjen City, Taoyuan
  Telephone number : (886) 3-459-3304
  Emergent ontact/Fax : (886) 3-458-0873
II. Ingredient information
  Chinese/English : 電解去膠劑/FOX-301
  Synonym : None
  Chemistry Association Society registration number (CAS N0) : 1310-58-3
  Dangerous ingredient (percentage) : 20%
  Chemistry Property : Basic Liquid
III Dangerous identification information
  Strenuous danger effect : the stimulation by basic liquid
  Major Symptoms : stimulate respiratory system and skin, or cause
  burn when it is eriously : 3
IV. Emergent procedure by different exploration:
  By Breath : move to flesh air place, or give CPR if not having breath and send to hospital immediately.
  By skin contact : wash by clean water at least 5 minutes.
  By Eye contact : hold eyelids wide open and wash by clean water at least 5 minutes, and send to hospital immediately
  By mouth : do not force to vomit and urge to hospital.
  The strenuous symptoms and effects : stimulation, or cause burn when it is seriously.
  Protection for Emergent staffs : avoid direct contact.
  Instruction for Doctor : contact with basic liquid of KOH
V. Procedure for extinguishing Fire
  Fire extinguishing materials : non-combustibility, no need for using fire extinguisher
  Other danger to extinguish fire : none
  Special procedure for extinguishing fire : none
VI Procedure for leaking
  Personal notice : avoid directly contact
  Notice of environment : keep well ventilation, avoid leaking continuously
  Cleaning procedure : spray with huge water or neutralize with light acid.
VII Safety & storage instruction
  Handle : clear instruction on the container
  Storage : store at cool, dry and airflow well place. Avoid exploring under the sun directly.
VIII. Protection of exploration
  Instruct control : keep airflow well in the working place, set exhaust system separately.
  Parameter control : keep over 1,000 litters/per mints of air drafting above cell.
  Personal protection gear : working shoes, emergent shower and eye wash equipment.
  Breath protection : the protection equipment with cleaning strainer or oxygen self-provide.
  Hand protection : protect gloves
  Eyes protection : Goggles and mask.
  Skin & body protection : avoid contact directly
  Hygienic arrangement : ventilation
IX. Physics & chemist property
  Material condition : stable
  Shape : Liquid
  Color : transparent-light yellow
  Odor : distinguish smell
  PH value : 13.5
  Boiling point : 100 - 110°C
  Deposing temperature : none
  Flash point : none
  Temperature of self-ignition : none
  Explore limitation : none
  Steam pressure gauge : none
  Density of steam : none
  Density : 1.2 +/- 0.05
  Desolution : totally
X. Stability & reaction:
    Stability : highly stable liquid.
  Possible dangerous reaction in special situation : stimulation, cause serious burn.
  Avoiding situation : avoid contacting with acid-material
  Avoiding materials : none
  Dangerous deposition : none
XI. Toxic information
  Vigorous toxic : none
  Portion reaction : none
  Sensible reaction : stimulus
  Chronic toxic : none
  Special reaction : none
XII. Ecology information
  Possible influence of environment : it is harmful for the living when concentration raises.
XIII. Deposition treatment
  Deposition treatment : add acid materials to moderate and dilute and drain.
XIV. Transportation information
  International transportation regulation : none
  United nation serial number : none
  Internal transportation regulation : none
  Special notice for transportation : using bucket to avoid leaking
XV. Regulation information
  Regulation : none
XVI. Other information
  Reference : none
  Present by : Foxsign Tech Ltd. Co.
  Prepared by : 李素琴
  Prepared date : 1.31.2001